I’m still digesting this intense narrative, but I’ve never quite witnessed a war film like it. As hauntingly beautiful and it is gut-wrenching, I was hypnotized by the cinematography. A definitely contender in awards season this year.

Comin' Home Baby

I discovered this gem over the holidays, whilst in a Spotify rabbit hole. It is now a go-to while I’m cooking dinner and dancing around the kitchen with a wooden spoon. Definitely a 60s classic.

Last Night

I first watched this film in the throes of an ill-fated relationship and couldn’t help but see so much of myself reflected on the screen. Not quite the experiences, but more the human urges that we deny ourselves. Massy Tadjedin, an Iranian-American screenwriter and director, helmed the film as her 2011 debut, and it has stayed with me through continents, lovers and iterations of myself. It is still my steadfast favourite, years on.